Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Green Mountain Children’s Center’s New Website and our first newsletter. For newcomers, welcome to Green Mountain Children’s Center’s family of programs! We have been “lending a hand to the community since 1989.” We provide an early learning program for children ranging in age from birth through fifth grade in Claremont, New Hampshire and Hartford, Vermont. Quality early care and education is an important part of a thriving community; we provide warm welcoming spaces for children to learn and grow, we assist working parents so that they may provide for their children, and early care and education is an integral part to a thriving local economy.

GMCC’s Goal

GMCC’s overarching goal is improving the lives of children and families through positive experiences in early childhood. We know that early care and education allows communities to thrive. The Vermont Blue Ribbon Commission’s recently published findings state that early care and learning is critical to the economic and community wellbeing of Vermont. Every dollar spent on high-quality early care and learning programs yields a return on investment that ranges from $4 – $9.  (Blackman, Jessica & Gringas, Jess, (2015) Vermont Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care Retrieved from An investment in children creates a multitude of benefits:

  • Children’s overall development is supported, including health and wellness, social and emotional well-being and academic success throughout their entire lives
  • Special Education research indicates the importance of a quality early learning program for children of poverty, those at risk for neglect or abuse and those with developmental concerns
  • Parents are able to enter or remain in the workforce supporting the local economy
  • Parents are better able to support their own children’s healthy development, decreasing reliance on social services
  • Support the future labor market and increase earning potential
  • Decrease later educational costs, health care expenses and correctional costs

Credentialed Programs

Our credentialed programs provide young children and opportunity to explore learning in a safe and happy environment.  Our number one goal is to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing so that that they are ready to learn.  We are proud of the offerings we provide, and for the enriching environments that serve children’s healthy development and lifelong learning.

Thank you for being a part of GMCC.  We are dedicated to children, families and the Upper Valley.

Come Grow With Us!

From the Desk of the Board President