Interested in Volunteering?

There are Many Ways to Volunteer with GMCC

  • Share one of your personal interest as an enrichment activity
  • Spend time rocking babies or reading with toddlers
  • Reading with preschoolers
  • Join us on a field trip
  • Help out with school-age homework, or join us for game group

Send us an email and we can set up a time to talk about opportunities.

All volunteers are required to read, sign and submit the Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form before volunteering.

“Helping Hands Make a Difference!”

Why make an investment of your personal time in Green Mountain Children’s Center? When I became a Board Member and a similar question was asked, my response was automatic; as a past employee, and having family members who send their children to GMCC, I understand the positive impact this organization has on children, families, and the community.

Green Mountain has always stood behind the philosophy that every child deserves a solid foundation for growth and should have access to a safe environment while they are away from their families. GMCC is there for families and knows how tight family budgets can be, so providing quality care at affordable prices has always been a goal. We serve a community larger than our geographic outline and believe in supporting, giving back, and tapping into the services within that community, to assist in growth and to bring enhanced activities into the center for the children and families we serve.

I see the commitment and drive to grow and continue to provide quality care at an affordable rate for any family that decides to enter our programs. The staff are always approachable, they are committed to their careers, they work hard, care, communicate and not only use their knowledge for interactions and teaching moments with children, but share that knowledge with families.

Investing does not always mean sending money; investing can be volunteering, sharing your knowledge or skill set, sharing your connections, and most importantly investing in sharing your words of praise for the work this center does every day.

If you love music and can play an instrument, reach out to GMCC and volunteer to come in and sing with children. If you are a dancer, volunteer to come in and dance or teach our older children some dance moves. Maybe you just have some time; you could come in and bake, or read to the children. GMCC is also a business, with business needs, if you know someone who has a background in finance, you could connect the center with that person. Once you become familiar with us, you may even decide to provide support by joining the Board of Directors.

By volunteering your time and expertise you are supporting a lifelong school success which supports a thriving, vibrant community.

Christine Langley, Board Member

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