School Overview

Thank you for choosing Green Mountain Children’s Center (GMCC) for your child’s care. We are a non-profit organization that established its first campus in White River Junction, VT in 1989. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of past and present GMCC families along with community leaders.

Brief History

  • Camp Sunshine began shortly after as the summer portion of the Hartford program.
  • In 2006, GMCC began serving the child care needs in the communities of Claremont.
  • In 2011, GMCC began operating Kids Connection out-of-school care in the Claremont School District. This program provides extended education for kindergarteners through fifth graders in their after-school program and summer camp.
  • In 2016, in collaboration with the Hartford School District, GMCC began providing a 3-4 year old extended day, wrap around preschool program for Hartford residents as part of Vermont’s Act 166 public preschool -initiative.

Our Principles

Our Children

GMCC is committed to providing the best atmosphere to educate, exercise, inspire, and help each child develop in their own special way. We love that our work is never finished.

Our Teachers

Every member of our family functions as both teacher and student. Our adults instill wisdom, passion, fitness, and responsibility in our children, at the same time our children remind us how special and exciting our world can be. As teachers, we educate each child with respect to their unique talents. As students, we strive for knowledge and experience to make us better teachers.

Our Campuses

Each child deserves to have a safe and loving home away from home. We provide a place where children can be children, and families can trust us to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Our Communities

We stand behind everything we do and everything we are, in order to improve the lives of those around us. We help improve our communities by helping its most important part—the families.

Educational Statement

A child’s social and emotional wellbeing are paramount to healthy development. As a team we are dedicated to providing interactions, environments and educational programs to build and support children, which will further their educational development.

GMCC understands children come from many different backgrounds. Different behavior patterns may become evident as children become a part of their classroom community. The staff appreciates each child for who they are and works to create personalized education plans for them.

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