Our Board of Directors

Natalie Chaput
Board Chair

My family and I have been part of the GMCC community for several years. My oldest daughter started attending GMCC in 2013. Both of my children have thrived in GMCC programs and my husband and I have always felt that the educational and fun activities that are planned for the children each day have greatly benefited our children. They have been and continue to be loved and nurtured by GMCC’s hardworking and dedicated staff.

As a board member I hope to support the staff, children and parents that are part of this community and help GMCC continue to be one of the best childcare facilities in the Upper Valley. In my professional life I am a high school and middle school Spanish teacher and the education of young people is very important to me. As a working parent it is essential to have reliable and quality childcare that also prepares children to enter into the school system.  I look forward to working for and with the board for many years to come and sharing my passion for education

Julie Pelton
Vice Chair

I was born in Vermont and have lived in the Upper Valley for about 15 years. After moving up and down the East Coast, I came back to Vermont for the various benefits the seasons have to offer and well as being closer to my family. I earned my MBA in 2017, with a concentration in Organizational Development. In my professional life, I work as a Telehealth Program Manager at DHMC. I believe that where you live should not be a barrier to the care you receive.

My two children started attending GMCC in 2018. My oldest daughter had previously attend three other daycares, none of which worked out for various reasons.  I joined the Board at GMCC in 2019 after attending a few meetings, with an interest in understanding the inner workings of a childcare center. I know that one of the hardest decisions a family has to make is deciding who will care for their children and it can be a long process to find a great childcare center with open spots.  As a Board member, I hope to support working families by helping to uphold the high standard of care offered by the organization. As I learn more, I also hope to support the initiatives as the state level to fund early childhood education. Our children are our future and we need to make sure they are prepared to lead when the time comes.

Jennifer Packard

I joined the board of the Green Mountain Children’s Center in 1996 after enrolling our daughter. As a very shy child, we though she would benefit from the socialization and structure offered through the curriculum at GMCC. As I learned more and more about the programs and resources offered it became abundantly clear that our families’ philosophies were very much in line with that of the organization.  It was because of these shared principals that I accepted a position on the board and remained active as a Director, Vice President and President during my 13 year tenure.   I recently rejoined the board as a community member as I see the immense value that the Center offers to the families of the Upper Valley.

My husband Richard and I currently live in Wilder, Vermont with our 17-year-old son Riley and our two Golden Retrievers Lola & Piper. Our daughter, Samantha, recently graduated from the University of Maine is currently working as a Director in Training for GMCC. Professionally, I am the Director of Corporate Relations for the Blue-Sky Restaurant Group, Jesse’s & Molly’s in Hanover, NH where I have been for almost 23 years. In addition, I am the current Chair of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and hold board seat on the Upper Valley Nighthawks.

Brittani Severance

As a resident of the upper valley I am excited to be part of the GMCC board. I am currently working toward licensure as an Architect. I hope to use my knowledge and career to help GMCC move forward in expanding one day.  As a new board member, I look forward to working with and supporting the staff, children and parents that are part of the GMCC community.




Wendie Wright, Director

Originally from Maine I have lived in the Upper Valley for 10 years and have come to call the area home. My husband and I are raising our two children in Hartford, Vermont on a farm that has been in the family for more than two hundred years. I am a full time Realtor in both Vermont and New Hampshire. I enjoy the scenic beauty and wonderful outdoor activities of this region. I especially appreciate the strong sense of community in this area and all the local goods that are so easily accessible in the Upper Valley. I personally understand on many levels the importance of having the support of dependable and worthwhile child care. Being a new member of the Green Mountain Children’s Center family, I’m thankful for the opportunity to join the board as a way to become involved in my son’s learning environment. I have been impressed at how deeply this community cares for GMCC. My hope as a board member is to offer support to the organization that is so important to us.


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