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Hartford Afterschool Program - HASP

The Hartford After School Program (HASP) is offered at Dothan Brook School (DBS) and Ottauquechee School (OQS) and provides extended education for children ranging in age from 5 to 12  during the school year.  This high-quality program also operates during in-service days and school recesses.  (HASP does not operate on snow days or holidays).

The DBS program expanded to offer CATCH kids club.  The CATCH club offers non-elimination games that include all children.  CATCH club really gets the kids hearts moving and offers a foundation where children can absorb and learn healthy eating and active living behaviors.

The OQS program partners and works with the OQS teachers in their garden club.

HASP also provides a daily schedule with outdoor exercise and indoor activities linked to a weekly theme as well as a healthy nutritious afternoon snack and homework assistance.

Clubs are subject to teacher availability and enrollment.

In the summer months HASP-DBS and HASP-OQS merge forming our traveling summer program Camp Sunshine.  Our camp is based out of Dothan Brook School in Wilder, Vermont.   Camp Sunshine is a 10-week commitment and offers over 25 adventures each summer. One week the group travels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the following week they travel on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our staff and children are adventurous traveling as far south as Boston and as far north as the White Mountains. We have traveled to the Museum of Science, Story Land, ECHO, Lake Sunapee, Cowabungas, Monkey Trunks, Lost River Gorge, Danville Corn Maze, Whale’s Tale and a Fisher Cats game just to name a few!

When the group is not traveling they follow a daily schedule filled with center based activities, free choice, ample outdoor time and fun weekly themes.


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Staff - Ottauquechee School


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Parent Testimonials

"My son, Jackson, has been at the Ottauquechee After School Program through Green Mountain Children’s Center since Kindergarten and has also been a “Camp Sunshine” participant for several years.

 Jackson is nine now, but started this program as a five year old. It is a hard thing to do, entrusting your “baby” to “strangers” and having faith that first handoff from school teacher to afterschool program occurs without a hitch, with his safety always my number one concern. Now in third grade, he continues to love being involved in this program, I have all the trust in the world for the staff, and he genuinely loves his teachers, Jenn and Becca.

Jenn and Becca do an excellent job with the challenge of needing to keep kindergarteners through fifth grade kids engaged and excited. However, the program is very well run with activities, schedules and a good mix of fun time and down time. They are willing and able to assist Jackson with his homework, with time allotted each afternoon and have been very successful with the positive reinforcement, also known as the HASP dollar, this year.

I so appreciate all that the staff at Green Mountain has done for my family for the past four years and anticipate being part of this program for many more to come with my 3 ½ year old daughter anxious to be five so she too can start Kindergarten!"

- Allison M. Weglarz


 "My daughter is in her fifth and final year at HASP.  The teachers at the program are positive role models for her.  The program picked up where Green Mountain Children’s Center left off in continuing to teach her respect for herself and others.  It is a kind, caring and nurturing environment for her to spend her afternoons in.  The children get a chance to do homework, play and get outside.  With the help of their teachers, they learn skills necessary to resolve conflict with other children.  The whole environment is one of growth, respect and compassion.  I would strongly recommend HASP to any parent look for after-school care."

 - Kim Carboneau


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