Green Mountain Children's Center offers Child Care in central Vermont and New Hampshire.

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GMCC is the place to bring your child for quality educational child care and experiences.
GMCC Mission & History


Our mission: To unlock the learning potential in every child, by providing a safe and nurturing learning community.

Here are the Green Mountain Children’s Center principles of how we live each day:
Our children –
GMCC was created, and is continued, to benefit our children. We are committed to providing the best atmosphere to educate, exercise, inspire, and help develop each child in their own special way. Our work is never finished, and we love that.
Our teachers –
Every member of our family is both a teacher and a student. Our adults instill wisdom, passion, fitness, and responsibility in our children, and at the same time our children remind us how special and exciting our world can be. As teachers, we educate each child with respect to their individual talents. As students we strive for knowledge and experience that makes us better teachers.
Our schools –
Each child deserves to have a safe and loving home. We provide a place where children can be children, and families can trust us to provide the level of love and attention they want.
Our communities –
As we uphold our other principles, we enjoy the success that rewards our dedication. We stand behind everything we do and everything we are, in order to improve the lives of those around us. We help improve our communities by helping its most important part – the families.


Green Mountain Children’s Center (GMCC) serves children six weeks to twelve years of age. We have evolved to meet the needs of our community and have two Zero-to-Three Programs, three Preschool Programs, one School-Age Program and two After School Programs. In total GMCC serves approximately 150 children from in and around the community.

We are governed by a dedicated Board of Directors consisting of parents and community leaders who sacrifice their personal time to help fulfill our mission statement. Our Board of Directors challenges us to provide the highest quality program to the community, employers, parents and children. GMCC recently celebrated its 20th year of service. We have been accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for thirteen years, and received 5 stars from the STep Ahead Recognition System (STARS) from the State of Vermont. STARS is Vermont’s quality recognition system for child care, preschool, and after school programs. 5 stars is their highest designation. We believe a child’s social and emotional wellbeing establish the foundation of unlocking their true learning potential. As a team we are dedicated to providing engaging interactions, healthy environments and stimulating educational programs to support children’s self-esteem and stimulate their education. GMCC understands children come from many different backgrounds. Because of this diversity, different behavior patterns may become evident as children learn to become part of their classroom community. The staff appreciates each child for who they are, and works to provide individualized education plans for all children.

GMCC believes a family’s support is the most important contributing factor in our ability to provide quality service. To encourage engagement, we have an open door policy. We welcome families to visit and join the classrooms throughout the day. This allows the children and families to take ownership in the program, while also affording an opportunity to interact with the staff and other children in the classroom setting. At times the classrooms also hold family events, such as potluck dinners, concerts, and non-traditional celebrations, which provide an opportunity for families to interact with the center as well as one another.

General information

  • GMCC opened in 1989
  • 50% of the faculty and administration have been employed with GMCC for over ten years compared to the national average turnover rate of 40% annually
  • We serve over 150 children and families from Vermont and New Hampshire through four Licensed Programs
  • GMCC's tuition rates are the most affordable in the region
  • More than 35% of the children we serve are at 100% of poverty
  • Our educational philosophy is to support children's social and emotional well being so that they are ready to learn
  • We train our faculty to work with children who have special medical conditions
  • Our programs are coordinated with special education services wherever appropriate
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